How Mesh Radio Technology Works

Mesh radio technology is conceptually simple. Signals that need to get from a monitored alarm panel to the central monitoring station may either go directly from the subscriber at the alarm panel to the receiver in the Central Station or it will “hop” through other subscribers along the way via one of many possible routes until it gets a confirmed delivery at the Central Station. A visual representation of this concept can be viewed in this 2 minute demo by pressing the play button.

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Our wireless mesh communications networks and applications represent the future of alarm industry solutions. Unlike traditional wireless networks—which suffer many of the same coverage and transmission limitations as wired networks—AES’ patented private mesh networks consistently deliver reliable, fast signal communications, even across large geographical areas and under extreme conditions.


We are singularly focused on the integrity of our network, with a rapid response team, and 24 hour support and maintenance.

   Over the last few years, Safety Net Communications Inc.  has created its own private radio network with equipment manufactured by AES-Intellinet.  Our wireless mesh network is made up of smart subscriber units installed into the protected property which act as a receiver, transmitter, and repeater.  Each alarm site is linked to our network with multiple paths of communication.  As new units are added, the network dynamically reconfigures itself to incorporate new paths of communication.  It self-heals and re-routes itself intuitively selecting the best communication routes.  Every signal is authenticated, acknowledged, and Alarm signals from any customer in the network will reach our U.L. Listed Central Monitoring Station provided by COPS Monitoring between 1 and 3 seconds! Safety Net Communications Inc.  owns and operates its own wireless alarm communication network, with our own FCC License, and we do not depend on anyone else.